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I started publishing essays and articles at the age of 13 and editing at 15 in high school. By the time I graduated, I had become Editor-in-Chief of the school literary magazine and yearbook. From 1984 to 1986, I held a weekly by-line in The Manila Journal, along with a monthly column in the Philippine Art Supplement. This makes it hard for me to list down everything I have actually published, but the following is a selection of recent translation work in print or on film, some of which I have linked to their on-line text versions or pertinent bibliographies. I have tried to supply ISBN publication data where these were available.

Spanish > English

Shades: A World of Color. August Bruguera, Vitoria: 2002. 264 pages. ISBN 84-87673-12-0.

Brief Guide to the Archeological Heritage of Gran Canaria. Javier Velasco Vázquez, et al. Cabildo Insular de Las Palmas, Las Palmas: 2003. 186 pages. ISBN 4810336263.


Since 2006, I have been working on a "brief" history of irrigation, drainage and flood control in the Iberian peninsula, to be published under the auspices of the European Union.

French > English

La revue du champagne. For the Société Vinicole de Champagne: December 2000 (U.S. Christmas issue).

German > English

Welcome to Vienna. Hofmann-Igler Communications: 2001.
"Viewing the Other through the Prism of Comparative History", Dr. Hartmut Kaelble. Humboldt-Universität. Foreword, Comparare: Comparative European History Review I, 2002.
"The Making of Homo europaeus", Dr. Wolfgang Schmale. Comparare: Comparative European History Review I, 2002, pp. 165-183.
"Diabetes Mellitus Type 2: An Increasingly Important Cardiological Disease". Dr. Wolfgang Kuebler (published as part of Heidelberg University's homage upon the retirement of this eminent cardiologist).
"Cardiac Complications After Inoculation". Dr. Wolfgang Kuebler.

English > Tagalog

Ang Matematika sa Bahay, Gabay Pang-Pamilya, Pang-apat na Baitang. McGraw Hill: California, 2000.
Ang Matematika sa Bahay, Gabay Pang-Pamilya, Pang-limang Baitang. McGraw Hill: California, 2000. ISBN 0-02-100554-0.
Ang Matematika sa Bahay, Gabay Pang-Pamilya, Pang-anim na Baitang. McGraw Hill: California, 2000. ISBN 0-02-100555-9.

Tagalog > English

Subtitles for the "Tribute to Lino Brocka" section of Viennale '09 (Austria).

Independent Published Work in Specialized Fields

Editor, Education through the Arts in the Changing Society of Asia. INSEA: Quezon City, 1986.
Co-author, The University Art Collection. Vol. III, University of the Philippines Press, Diliman: 1989. 565 pages. (Served as consultant for volumes I and II).
Author, "Mujeres en el arte de los Estados Unidos: de Mary Cassat al movimiento Pop", in Creación artística y mujeres: recuperar la memoria. Ed., Marian F.L. Cao, Narcea, S.A. de Ediciones:Madrid, 2000. ISBN 84-277-1304-5.
Author, "Portrait of the Filipina in Early Spanish Chronicles", Women and Religion, Vol. IV: Desire and Resistance. Heinrich Böll Foundation, Lahore: 2000. (Papers of its 4th Congress in Siem Reap, Cambodia).

Articles on Translation and Interpreting

A Method for preparing Conference Terminology

Profiling the Multilingual Mind

Targets, Productivity and Pricing